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Making an Offer

Sunshine Golf Properties – Making an Offer

The way the property market works along the Costa del Sol is just like any other. Even if you are not a local, the process of buying and selling remains fairly standard around the world. The seller will put their property on the market, highlight its most attractive features and set an asking price.

At Sunshine Golf Properties, our extensive experience allows us to offer expert advice when it comes to submitting your offer. Not only do we look at the value of the property that you wish to buy, but we also take into account the values of the surrounding properties as well as any local attractions and amenities. These are important since they directly affect the current and future value of all the properties in the area. Properties in a thriving area understandably fetch a higher price than those in more secluded parts where goods and services are a significant distance away.

When you are ready to submit your offer, we will then take this offer to the seller. Essentially, it is up to the seller to agree to your offer. When your offer is accepted, then we can proceed with the necessary paper work. If for whatever reason, your offer is not accepted, we will discuss other options in terms of other properties while making a note of your offer should the seller reconsider.

Our goal is to ensure that both seller and buyer are satisfied with the final agreement and sale. This is why we encourage our clients to make informed decisions. We will always make buyers aware of all the best properties available based on their needs without making you feel forced or obligated in any way. If you would like to know more about the properties we currently have available or if you require any other information, feel free to contact our helpful and friendly consultants.