Golf enthusiasts make Costa del Sol their home

16 Apr 2018

Costa del Sol is known for many things. One of which is the superb golfing facilities in this glorious part of Spain. It is thanks to these world-class golf courses that the number of tourists and residents in these parts continues to grow.

Costa del Sol golf courses – Top 3

There are literally dozens of fine golf courses in these parts. Here are three of the top choices and a little about what makes them such fine establishments.

Santana Golf

This 18 hole course is a par 72 and measures 6207 metres. It is set in a former avocado plantation. This means that the terrain is level and easy to walk. You can use a buggy but there really is no need if you prefer to walk. The water features add a scenic and challenging element but the designers didn’t overdo it in this regard. The unique design of this course makes it particularly demanding which is good news for anyone looking for a course they will enjoy every time. Each hole offers a different and exciting element to make players adjust their style and strategy to suit the conditions. As far as the aesthetic aspect of the course is concerned, there are plenty of different trees to enjoy. These include orange and lemon trees, pines, fig trees, and even mango trees! Thanks to the lush vegetation, you can also enjoy the company of some amazing indigenous birds while you play. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the Calzada Eagle!

Marbella Club

Designed by Dave Thomas, this 18 hole course is located in the very heart of the Costa del Sol. As you play, you will enjoy a quality round of golf matched only by the beautiful vistas. These include the African coast, Gibraltar, the marvelous Mediterranean, and the mountains in these parts. This club has everything to offer its guests and more! One common concern when it comes to families and even couples is that there might be those who are not keen on golf but they enjoy the country club lifestyle. At the Marbella Club, you can make the most of the clubhouse and restaurant facilities, both indoors and outdoors, or you could even be a bit more adventurous by taking part in the various equestrian activities. For those who prefer to watch, the Marbella Club hosts the Spanish Show Jumping Championships which are always a thrill. The stables are beautifully maintained, horses are pampered and tended to by professionals, and there is nothing better than a trek through the surrounding countryside.

Santa Maria

Located in Marbella, this course offers the most stunning Mediterranean views as you conquer all 18 holes. Many experts agree that this is one of the best-maintained golf courses on the Costa del Sol which is always great news for any golfer. Just 200 metres from Marbella’s top beaches, you will also enjoy the lush green backdrop of pine trees and cork oaks.

Suitable for experienced and beginner golfers alike, this course is for everyone! If one member of the family is more experienced than the rest, it’s the ideal course to suit everyone’s abilities. Apart from playing golf, you can also enjoy bowling, tennis, and make the most of the clubhouse facilities too.

Permanent residence or holiday home

One of the main decisions people are faced with is whether they want to make Costa del Sol their permanent home or if they would simply like to acquire a property in these parts for holidays and possibly their future retirement. There is no right or wrong answer to this question since each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s also important to consider whether you are planning on living on the golf estate or if you would like to purchase a property nearby. Again, this will come down to personal preference and just how often you plan on playing golf.

Golf club lifestyle

Living nearby a golf course offers the benefits of being nearby without having to adhere to the regulations associated with the club. However, living in one of these luxury homes has its fair share of benefits too. For starters, you have access to a world-class golf course whenever you like! Whether you are still running your business or you have retired, golfing still allows for fantastic networking opportunities. Many golfers agree that they first started playing in order to meet new people and possibly form mutually beneficial relationships.

Apart from golf, there are plenty of other things to do. Each club is different but some common facilities include tennis, bowling, swimming, and there are often special activities designed for children too. Whether you make this your holiday home or your permanent residence, country club living makes you feel like you are on holiday all day – every day! While you can make your own food or go out to eat, there are also high-quality restaurants at the club. With the most experienced chefs at your disposal, the menu options are as diverse as they come.

Whether you are looking to invest in a golf estate property or one close to your favourite Costa del Sol golf course, contact Sunshine Golf Properties at +34 952 494 161 and we will help you find a home you’ll fall in love with!

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