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Buying a Property

Sunshine Golf Properties – Buying a Property

Whether you are a Spanish local or currently residing abroad, buying a property can seem like a daunting task. While the benefits of your proposed purchase are numerous, it's absolutely normal to feel those butterflies fluttering about as you consider all of your options and the inevitable process that goes with it. It's usually the paperwork that causes concern which is where our team of experts comes in particularly handy!

Once one of our consultants helps you find the perfect property to suit your needs, preferences, and budget, it is then time to move on to what some might call the more complex part of the process. Not only do we offer expert advice when it comes to choosing your new Costa del Sol home, but we also take you through the entire purchasing process step by step. With us, you can rest assured that you will be provided with the very best professional advice and we are always happy to answer any questions to may have regarding the agreement.

After all of your questions have been answered and you are ready to complete the necessary documentation, we will make sure that everything is completely in order and continue to follow up with you regarding any progress. We understand that, once the papers are signed, you will most likely be quite anxious for a response and further details so that you can plan your life and finances. This is why we like to keep all of our clients in the loop and even answer questions they never thought to ask!

We encourage you to browse our listings for your dream home. Among the properties we have listed, you will notice that there's no shortage of variety! From modest style properties to more extravagant luxury homes, we have something to suit every buyer and their pocket.