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Golden Visa – Residency in Spain for Non-European Property Investors

29 08 19

For non-Europeans who wish to invest in Spain the Spanish Golden Visa is your gateway to residency in Spain. If you are able to invest €500,000 (cash) in Spanish Real Estate then you have the opportunity to gain a Spanish Residency Visa.
The scheme allows applicants and their dependents residency in Spain and, therefore, unlimited access across all countries within the EU. Spain is currently Europe´s number one Golden Visa supplier.
If this is of interest to you then please Contact Us and we will find you a fabulous property which will gain you a Spanish Golden Visa, offer an excellent return on your investment and give you the opportunity to have a base in one of the fastest growing property markets in Spain – the Costa del Sol.
The Golden Visa Scheme gives automatic residency to anyone investing over €500,000 cash in a Spanish Property – you then have the right to reside in Spain and travel freely within the Schengen Zone although you are not able to work in Spain or gain benefits.
Of course, you do not have to reside in Spain – although we think you might want to once you have purchased your dream Costa del Sol property – the minimum stay is just 1 day a year.

Benefits Include

The Golden Visa Scheme is specifically tailored to attract affluent non-EU investors to Spain.
Allows you to travel without a Visa for 90 out of every 180 days within the Schengen Area – you would still need a visa to enter EU countries outside Schengen eg UK.
You do not need to become resident in Spain – you only have to visit Spain once to get or renew the Residency Permit. There is no minimum stay required and you don´t have to become a fiscal resident or actually live in Spain.
Family is included – you can get additional permits for spouse, children under 18 and disabled children over 18.
Option for Spanish nationality – the Golden Visa is a 2 year Residency Permit not the right to permanent residency or a Spanish passport. It can, however, lead to long-term Spanish residency once you have 5 years of continuous residence and after 10 years you can apply for full citizenship and obtain a Spanish passport.
Underage children may study in Europe – underage dependents can live and study in Spain, with your partner, whilst you work and earn money abroad.
Return on investment – take advantage of the Costa del Sol´s booming property market.

General Requirements for Applicants

Non-EU national.
Minimum investment of €500,000 in a Spanish property.
Must be over 18 years old.
The investor must not have a criminal record in Spain or in the previous 5 years wherever they have resided.
Have access to private or public medical insurance.
Have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family whilst in Spain.
Please note: As of this article being published the Schengen Area includes most EU states except: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and UK. Non-EU states who have joined Schengen: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.


Q. If I own a number of different properties but the total value adds up to €500,000 or more can I obtain residency?
A. Yes as long as the total value invested in property is €500,000 or more you are eligible for the Golden Visa Scheme.

Q. If I purchase a property valued at €750,000 with a €250,000 mortgage can I obtain residency?
A. Yes – you have to invest at least €500,000 in cash but the remaining value of the property can be mortgaged as long as you meet the criteria to obtain a mortgage.
Q. Do I have to become a Spanish Fiscal Resident once I have purchased the property?
A. No – only if you stay in Spain for more than 185 days in any one year.

Sunshine Golf Properties are here to help you find your dream property in the sun and we can recommend specialist lawyers who will help you with every aspect of your purchase and obtaining your Spanish Golden Visa. Contact Us

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