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How to choose the perfect house on Costa del Sol

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Costa del Sol is known for its beauty, beaches, and superb climate. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder so many foreign buyers are purchasing properties in one of Spain’s top areas. There are a number of villas, apartments, town houses, and other residential Costa del Sol properties currently on the market. Of course, just like any other hot market, it’s best to snap up your dream home before somebody else does!

Buying a house on Costa del Sol or in any other place in your home country is daunting a task as it is. When buying a home in a foreign country, you will encounter different regulations, procedures, and possibly even a different language too. That said, the benefits of buying a Costa del Sol home most certainly outweigh these concerns.  Some of the main benefits of investing in this area include:

  • Superb local Mediterranean climate which is perfect for those who prefer moderate winters and over 300 sunny days each year.
  • Costa del Sol is the very definition of luxury and offers exceptional shopping for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy world class entertainment and major fashion brands all in one place.
  • The 27km coastline is known for its many beaches, 23 in total. There’s no shortage of sunny fun in the sand!
  • Thanks to its location, you can expect plenty of fresh seafood as well dishes made using fresh rabbit, pork, and venison.
  • There are a number of properties available which has helped the local real estate market go from strength to strength.
  • Even if you plan on using your Costa del Sol property for holidays, you can always rent it out to supplement your income.

These are just some of the main reasons to invest in this growing area. If you are considering buying your next home in Spain, here are some essential tips to help you choose the best property on Costa del Sol:

Gain an understanding of the different areas

Just like any other property purchase in a foreign country, the first matter to consider is where you would like to lay down some roots. Costa del Sol stretches all the way from Estepona to Nerja, and the total distance is approximately 130km. Understanding what each area has to offer will help you choose the best area to suit your needs and preferences. Some properties offer superior beach access whereas others are located on golf estates. Take note of such things as services and facilities. It’s also a good idea to visit the area and explore as much as possible before making up your mind. Remember, a short visit will give some idea of what to expect whereas a prolonged stay will help you make a better choice. Your estate agent and online research will also help you make an informed decision.

Understand your personal needs

If you are planning on spending most of your time in your new Costa del Sol home, then you will need to consider your daily needs. The size of the property will depend on how many bedrooms you need as well as any additional areas you might need such as an extra bathroom or more substantial storage space. Each home buyer has their own unique needs. By being aware of exactly what you want as well as what you don’t want, you will be able to provide your real estate agent with essential information to help you find your perfect house on Costa del Sol. Knowing what you want will also help you save time since you will not look at properties that do not suit your list of requirements. For example, if you are looking for a property with two bedrooms, you will not look at properties that are any smaller than what you need.

Set your budget

Money is obviously a main concern for any buyer searching to own a house on Costa del Sol. Not only is it important to set a budget, but it’s also important to make sure that your budget is realistic. The larger the home, the higher the price and the location also plays a significant role. The good news is that Costa del Sol offers properties at various prices which mean that it’s easier to stick to your budget than if you were to buy in another area. Remember, a home is an investment and, as such, it’s important that you always give yourself room to breathe. In other words, you don’t want to spend every cent you have on buying a new property, and you certainly don’t want to put yourself at financial risk in the event of serious interest rate fluctuations or other financial emergencies. Real estate agents also rely on a clear budget in order to match buyer with seller.

Be patient

Do not rush the process of finding a house on Costa del Sol. Finding the right home is all about exploring all of your options. It is a good idea to keep in touch with your real estate agent. You can do this by calling them weekly or perhaps an email would be easier if you are in different time zones. Regular, but not excessive, contact helps serve as a gentle reminder that you are still in the market.

Choose a reputable agent in helping you find the ideal house on Costa del Sol

It’s up to you to provide your realtor with your needs and preferences. Your realtor then needs to search for properties that meet these criteria in terms of location, size, budget, and more. Before choosing an agent to help guide you through your house hunt, it’s important to make sure that they are reputable and reliable. We recommend that you do your own research and find out what previous clients have to say. It’s the opinions and reviews of clients that will let you know what to expect.

At Sunshine Golf Properties, we take all of our clients’ needs very seriously. We understand that each buyer has different prerequisites which is why we take note of your needs before playing matchmaker. Our goal is not to sell you a house but rather help you find and invest in a property that you will love to call home.

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